Saturday, February 23, 2013

We sold our house!

After trying for nearly 6 months, we sold our house this week!  We are so thankful and, as always, God's timing is never too late.  We really need to move before the Spring work starts outside this year, and we should be able to do that.  We plan to close the last week of March, so it should all work out just fine.  We have loved living here but also know it's time to make a change, so are so thankful that God has provided a buyer.

Now we have a few very busy weeks ahead, getting ready to move, but are so thankful.  We have a lot of things to get rid of since we're moving to a much smaller home, so working on that, packing, and doing a little painting at the new place will keep us plenty busy.  On top of that, I got the flu right after we agreed on the selling price, so have not been able to do anything the last couple of days.  Ugh!  But, this too, shall pass!


smw said...

i am SO happy to hear this news, aunt pam!! congratulations and i sure hope you get over the flu soon! love you!

Pam said...

Thank you, Sharlin. I'm finally feeling better - lasted almost three days!