Sunday, August 23, 2009

The purifying fire

I started this blog with good intentions last year as a means to communicate more with the significant people in my life. At the time I was pretty much house-bound due to caring for Mom and felt a need for more interaction with my family and friends. Now that has changed, but I still wish I had more interaction with friends and family. Life is so busy and it's hard to take the time to stay in touch as much as would be good. So, I'm going to try once again to share my thoughts here from time to time and hope that those of you who care to read it will share your thoughts back to me.

Since Spring, I have been in a time of stretching and learning more about trusting God than I've ever had to learn before. It's been an extremely painful time but I have learned some valuable things. The things that have sustained me are:
1) to hold on to what I know is true - the truth of Scripture - when I don't have anything else to hold on to
2) the prayers of God's people - a powerful, sustaining and comforting force
3) the knowledge that God will never leave me and that He is sovereign over ALL
4) the assurance that God is always working for my good and His glory and that He can be trusted
5) the love and support of my family and precious friends

Some things I have learned:
1) God is faithful - no exceptions
2) God is working - even when I don't see it or feel it
3) God can be trusted - always
4) Going through the purifying fire is more painful than could be imagined but God teaches me about Himself in it
5) Changing is not easy and takes time
6) We learn more about God in times of suffering than in times of ease
7) My love for the Word of God grows when it's what I am holding on to for life itself
8) My need for sanctification will be ongoing for the rest of my life
9) I am thankful that God loves me personally, individually and enough to work in my life
10) God works to purify and sanctify me because He wants more for me than mediocrity


The Kinsinger's said...

I like comments on my blog and I see there's no comments here on yours yet...which I've learned doesn't mean people aren't reading and appreciating it - they just aren't leaving comments. So here's mine:

I appreciated the thoughts you wrote out, and especially identified with what you wrote in the last 10 bullets. Let's keep praying for each other for we know prayer is the most powerful tool we have in this life. I read back in your previous posts and liked the poems, too.

Love you!

Pam said...

Thanks for commenting, Wanda. I do know that people often read blogs and don't comment because I do it all the time myself but it is nice to have feedback and communication. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

The Kinsinger's said...

Just checking in again to see how you're doing......I've checked several times, so just wanted to leave another comment even though there's not a new posting. You're in our thoughts and prayers often! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Pam, I just read your post from August 2009. It was so pertinent and encouraging and TRUE. I don't know if you will get this or not, but I thought I would try.
brenda wieland

Pam said...

Brenda, what a special surprise to hear from you. I've (obviously) not written on this blog for years but I got an email notice that someone had posted to it.

Thanks for commenting. It was so nice, I just might start blogging again!